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VERZOL Stickpack

Form and presentation

Box of 20 x 10ml sachets of drinkable suspension.


10 ml of oral suspension contains 400 mg of albendazole.


Intestinal and skin infections:

  • Threadworms (Enterobius vermicularis),
  • Roundworms (Ascaris lumbricoïdes),
  • Hookworms (Ankylostoma duodenale, Necator americanus),
  • Whipworms (Trichuris trichuria),
  • Anguillulosis (Strongyloides stercoralis),
  • Taeniasis (Taenia saginata, Taenia solium),
  • Giardiasis (Gardia intestinalis or duodenalis) in children.

Systemic infections

  • Trichinosis (Trichinella spiralis).

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