Launch of PROSTALEN in Rwanda

The launch of PROSTALEN took place during the month of May in the town of Huye in Rwanda. The event was organised in collaboration with doctors from the University Teaching Hospital of Butare (CHUB). The launch began with an exposition of the pathology of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) by lecturer Dr Yves Constantin, consultant urologist. This was followed by a presentation of PROSTALEN.

Dr Yves Constantin spoke about the lack of effective and affordable medication to treat BPH. Indeed, this pathology affects a significant part of the elderly population in Rwanda and yet the treatments available until now were beyond the means of the majority of patients and above all very limited. For this reason, there are only 8 urologists for the whole country and only two for the southern and western provinces of Rwanda.

Taking part in the debate, the second urologist, Dr Innocent Nzeyimana, echoed Dr Yves Constantin’s sentiments, stressing the importance of making BPH treatment available and affordable for his patients at CHUB.

Until this is possible at CHUB, PROSTALEN is already available in the main pharmacies in Huye and is reimbursed by all insurance companies in the country. This is an important step in the right direction for Rwandan BPH patients.